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Alimony & Child Support

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Alimony is designed to help spouses maintain the standard of living they had before the divorce, including covering their necessities and helping them transition into this new stage of life. The goal of alimony is not to distribute assets equally, but to balance the assets between the two parties by giving to the spouse who earned less during the marriage. The Sarasota divorce lawyers at Kowtko Law Group has experience helping couples work through their alimony and spousal support issues.

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Florida Laws Regarding Alimony

There are different kinds of alimony types depending on the priorities of the couple. Florida permits essentially five different types of alimony. The amount to which a spouse may be entitled or required to pay depends on the length of the marriage, the income each person had during the marriage, and their potential income following the divorce.

The kinds of alimony recognized by Florida include:

  • Bridge-the-gap – To help the lower-earning spouse transition into being single. As it is meant to cover the time involved in divorce proceedings, this alimony is usually limited to no more than two years
  • Rehabilitative – Like bridge-the-gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony helps one of the divorcing parties to transition back into work. However, this type can last up to five years and is usually due to that party being unable to earn a living for some reason
  • Durational – Limited alimony that does not exceed the length of the marriage
  • Temporary – Before the judge awards a permanent alimony award, the lower earner will receive temporary alimony to help them make it through the court proceedings
  • Permanent – The most traditional form of alimony, this payment lasts for the rest of the recipient’s life

What Determines Payment Types?

Courts are first and foremost concerned with determining whether the requesting party has the need for alimony. If they are unable to afford the basic necessities such as food and housing, they may require alimony. Having an attorney and law firm which understands the requirements and nuances of alimony law can make the difference in ensuring your rights are fully protected. Our firm is well versed in using the appropriate statutory factors in setting up cases to achieve the best result regarding alimony.

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