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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Sarasota

Protecting Spouses from the Dangers of Abuse from Loved Ones

While no relationship is perfect, some are dangerous to those involved. No matter the reason, spouses should be free of domestic violence even if it means taking legal avenues to do so. The Sarasota divorce lawyers at Kowtko Law Group understands how to investigate and aggressively further an abused spouse’s interests in a civil injunction. These abuses can have serious effects on a marriage, so calling now can help a person’s case.

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Report Abuse Immediately

Accusations of domestic violence can have a major impact on a person’s ability to be fairly represented in court. Family law judges take these actions seriously, so it is crucial to be properly represented at domestic violence injunctions.

By filing a domestic violence injunction, results may include:

  • “No contact” provisions
  • Exclusive use of a home
  • Potential delays to divorce proceedings
  • Modifications to child custody

Get the Help of Compassionate Professionals

In cases of domestic violence, obtaining the help of an experienced legal professional matters. While most domestic violence allegations are true, there are cases where the accuser of domestic violence is not actually the victim at all. They may make false allegations to gain leverage in a paternity or divorce proceeding. Our office gets to the bottom of all domestic violence accusations to ensure neither party gets the benefit of divorce, paternity or child custody cases without the accusation being true.

Our Sarasota family law attorneys understand the stress and anxiety clients feel during these difficult times. We are here for our clients. Whether they need a civil domestic violence injunction against someone or they simply have questions, our team works to ensure our clients understand their rights and have access to the personalized service they deserve through this stressful period of life.

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