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Defending Against an Injunction

Fighting False Accusations of Domestic Violence in Sarasota

While the majority of domestic violence claims are true, there are times where one party will abuse the law to gain an advantage even though there was no such instance. This usually occurs when one party wants the upper hand in situations like divorce or paternity cases, since domestic violence orders can keep the accused parent away from the residence and the child. By retaining the help of compassionate Sarasota family law attorneys, you can fight an injunction and protect your rights.

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Strategies for Fighting an Injunction

Injunction final hearings typically occur much quicker than most court hearings; often times, injunction final hearings will occur within 2-3 weeks. Since these hearings occur so quickly, it is very important that the case and allegations be investigated as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

To help clients who have been falsely accused of domestic violence, our office seeks to demonstrate that the:

  • Accused person is not a violent person and has not committed domestic violence
  • Petition for Injunction should be denied
  • Other party is trying to gain an unfair advantage in another case, if applicable

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Our clients understand that we will take the steps necessary to help them prove their innocence against false accusations of domestic violence. These claims can have serious consequences to a person’s future, so it is crucial that you contact us right away if you have been a victim of an unfair injunction.

Our office takes steps to investigate our clients’ cases, such as:

  • Taking the deposition of the accusing party
  • Speaking with any law enforcement personnel
  • Issuing subpoenas to witnesses and/or law enforcement

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